A leap forward for Train Simulation

Trainz: A New Era is a massive leap forward delivering upgraded graphics, performance, features,
gameplay, session creation, multiplayer and a whole lot more. We have achieved our goal
of bringing you the best Train Simulation experience ever

  • Full World Shadows

    Full World Shadows

  • Multithreading


  • Weather Effects

    Weather Effects

  • Procedural Junctions

    Procedural Junctions

  • Train Motion

    Train Motion

  • Loco Tuning

    Loco Tuning

  • New Routes

    New Routes & Sessions

The all new "Reality" Engine takes
Trainz to a whole new level

The purpose-built "Reality" engine delivers full world shadows, 15km draw distances, post-processing effects, 64 bit processing and multi-threaded architecture for better performance

All new Routes and Sessions

You are taken on an unforgettable journey offering over 50 glorious hours of pure train driving pleasure. Haul heavy freight along winding riverbanks and rugged mountain ranges of the USA; run high speed passenger services along 393 miles of mainline from London to Edinburgh, UK; travel back to 1915 in rural Australia; or explore the Kickstarter County tribute route that honors all our Kickstarter backers

Trainz offers more than ever before

Build the railroad of your dreams with the easiest to use toolset available in any simulator on the market. The Trainz world building tool "Surveyor" offers unprecedented control over route and session creation

See the difference

Add animated junctions with new procedurally generated track, adjust lighting and fog density based on the time of day, add visual effects like depth of field or sun rays, change seasons and watch routes be transformed... or jump right inside the new BR Class 55 Deltic cab to see the future of high resolution cabs.

Experience a journey most only dream of

Get on board and travel the world with Trainz: A New Era. Explore some of the most beautiful landscapes and complex rail networks across the globe and experience the sheer joy of driving these routes first hand

  • ECML Kings Cross
    (UK, 1976)

    This edition offers the full route from London Kings Cross all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland - 393 miles! With significant updates to most features, this route will transport you back in time to 1976.

  • C&O Hinton Division (USA, 1950)

    Hinton Division, one of the major coal producing areas for the C&O, starts just west of Thurmond, WV through to Hinton, WV and includes 4 subdivisions. Laurel Creek, Piney Creek, Rend, and Loup Creek.

  • Kickstarter County

    Based upon the famous Highland Valley route from the early days of Trainz, Kickstarter County has received a huge upgrade with new content, new track, new industries, and new high definition assets.

  • Healesville
    (AU, 1910's)

    A faithful recreation of the rural countryside of 1915 Australia. Features the 1.6 mile long timber trestle bridge over the Yarra River, flood plains and one of the very few tunnels on the Victorian Railways.

  • Avery - Drexel
    (USA, 1970's)
    Deluxe Route

    The Milwaukee Road route runs from the end of the electrification in Avery, across the Bitterroot Mountains via the St Paul Pass, and through to the crew-change point in Alberton. Features "Little Joe EF4 electrics" & seasonal rolling stock.

  • Warwick to Wallangarra
    (AU, 1950's)
    Deluxe Route

    Follow the Queensland Rail Southern railway line as you journey through the Darling Downs and make your way into Granite country, traveling right to the very edge of the New South Wales border.

  • Season Town Northern Rail Road (East USA)
    Deluxe Route

    The Season Town Northern Rail Road (STNRR) is based in fictional 'Season Town' situated somewhere in the East or Middle West of the USA. The aptly named Season Town supports season change functionality. Control the weather and see how the route responds to the snow!

    The layout provides a mainline section as well as a 6 mile branch line connecting a limestone mine with a cement plant, as well as a streetcar network consisting of four branches.

  • The BiDye Traction Railroad
    Deluxe Route

    The BiDye Traction Railroad shows off the versatility of Trainz: A New Era by creating a virtual model railroad for you to explore. Built in a large virtual garage in much less time and a fraction of the costs of a traditional model railroad, this short line electric traction railroad serving several inter-dependent industries.

    Industries include lumber mill, furniture factory, grain mill, commercial bakery, paint and solvent factory, metal can and container factory, and a coal fired electricity plant.

15 years in the making...

Ready to get your hands on the most realistic Trainz Simulator ever?

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